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The blending of natural life with the luxury service concept and the spreading of the Cedar Houses, which were built of cedar wood by preserving the flora of the region, within a red pine forest brings the holiday experience in NIRVANA ME to a unique point for its guests. Going beyond the usual all-inclusive food and beverage concepts, with Local & Healthy Foods, the concept of healthy life is at the forefront at every stage. With this unorthodox and significant change, the difference of a whole new perspective is being felt by the guest.

Cedar Houses

Feel yourself privileged during your holiday


Explore the Nature of Nirvana

Explore the uniquely beautiful nature of Nirvana



We say “Nirvana of Flavours” at our seven different restaurants.


A Special World for Children

With our “Crispy Club Concept” our children would have lots of fun!


Nirvana for Entertainment

Nirvana for the activities, night shows, concerts and more...


Water and Adrenaline

You will have the maximum fun at the Naja Naja Aquapark with its 11 different water slides.