Come with your children, spend your holiday without your children .
Little funs, huge happinesses...

Our little guests and we start the day with yoga (30 minutes). The day goes on with morning gymnastics and fishing, then we play kengo, jenga and water games. We make pizzas together, improve our children’s handcraft skills with plaster and we turn the day into an unforgettable memory by coloring bottles and playing play-dough. We would like to see our children have lots of fun as they learn with “Crispy Club Concept”.

Every morning starts with gymnastics, yoga, water gym, making 3D flowers and practicing plaster. Throughout the day, in order to improve our children’s skills, we make pizzas, cocktails, wristlets and play games like Twister and Mikado. Then, we make toys with hot and cold play-doughs, play with air rifles and organize sports tournaments which are suitable for this age range like basketball, dart and golf.

Every morning we start our daily activities with a meeting. To make sure our children would have a joyful day we play games like dart, jenga, backgammon, Mikado, air rifle, boccia, Guess Who?, ping pong and pool. In the afternoon we organize activities like water polo, play soccer, Frisbee, golf, volleyball, basketball and play-station. We also teach bartending and disk-jockeying to our children who wants to learn.


After lunch our little guests can fall into a sweet slumber in our place arranged specially for them.

We paint our fingers, hands, faces, stones, masks, balloons with colors of holiday and make pompoms.

In the afternoon we play dart, football, boccia, golf, basketball, and bowling. We also organize tournaments for these sports so our children can win medals and get their diplomas.

We have “Crispy Story and Coloring Books” on our Crispy Mini Club shelves. Our special tutors and warm-hearted character “Crispy” are waiting for our little guests.

For all age groups (including teenagers) we organize Pirates Day, Indiana Jones Day, Laser Day, Banana Tour, Minions Day, Sponge Bob Day and Magic Show.

In the evening, starting at 20:30, our mini club team teaches our children fun dances accompanied by songs in different languages.
Security System
When our children come to the mini club, we ask their families whether they have a chronic illness or any allergies. If so, we offer them 2 different wristlets in our mini club and check them constantly while they are under our care.
Crispy Mini Club Restaurant
In order to provide our children with healthy food in our private area, we have prepared special menus with experts. We didn’t forget to add delicious snacks that they are pleased to eat in our Children’s Restaurant located on Crispy Mini Club’s pool side.